Sunday, June 24, 2012

Midsummer Day -St. John the Baptist

Today is Midsummer's Day, though those who are no longer tied to the land get upset and say the summer has just started.  But for the farmer, this is (sort of) mid-way through the growing season.
It is also the fest-day for St. John the Baptist.  Gospel tells us that John was born 6 months before Jesus, so we celebrate John's birthday mid-way through the year (based on Christmas). 
What better way to celebrate Midsummer than a picnic at the local park.  Ella and I picked up subs from Subway and found a nice spot over looking Muskrat Lake in 'downtown' Cobden.
It is a perfect day.  We've got a bit of cloud cover (please, God send rain) and it's a beautiful 22C without humidity.  I would be happy if summer would stay like today.
Is it a fairy's home or a chipmunk's -we're not sure.  Ella left some sub crumbs just in case either was hungry.
Even Ella's sunflowers decided to join in the celebrations!
One of Ella's Market friends had a surprise for her yesterday.  A partially finished home-made Raggedy Ann needed a home with a little girl to love and a Momma to make some clothes.  Ella really loves her new dolly.  We lost Quack last night, so the new dolly helped take the sting out of that news.

For a final Midsummer celebration, Colin has been slow roasting a roast of pork in his wood-fired bbq.  Boy it sure smells good out there.  We were going to eat here, but we're going to take it over to the In-Laws, just in case it does rain (please, please, please) we can either eat in Mom's big kitchen or out on their lovely verandah.   It's also nicer when we can keep the food in the house and away from the bugs  :)

Cold front went through just before supper, so we had supper in Grandma and Grandpa's house.  It was delicious, too bad we didn't get a picture of everything on the table.  I made hot potato salad and Isobel made a green salad.  I also whipped up some chocolate chip bars for dessert.
Marshmallows over the fire a fitting end to a lovely Midsummer's day.  And yes, we got a bit of rain, but we still need more.

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