Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real -24 May 2012

Joining Like Mother, Like Daughter again this week for Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real.
Pretty, my honeysuckle, that I only get to see when doing laundry, is finally blooming.  Spring is definitely here.
My funny girl makes me happy.  Uncle Stefan and Auntie Belinda brought up a new rechargeable battery for her tractor last weekend.  It's bigger than the original one and lasts much longer.  Ella is very happy.
The Real -we've come to the realization that we should have put in raised beds and fresh soil for my garden.  The vetch and quack grass have invaded/taken over.  And we've had such little rain that our heavy clay ground is like cement.  I can't weed because nothing will come out.  I have to get in there and just rip the tops off, but that will just slow it down.  I'm so frustrated with this garden this year, I could plow the whole thing up!

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