Sunday, May 27, 2012

Deep River Farmers' Market

Wow, we had such a fabulous day yesterday at the First Deep River Farmers' Market.  It was so crazy that I didn't even get a chance to take any pictures!  Luckily there were some great photographers on hand.
It was really nice because they have lots of volunteers, so some weeks if I have to go by myself I know there will be help.  This was just before opening at 10.
This was about 5 minutes later.  We brought nearly twice as much meat as we usually do to Renfrew and were basically sold out in an hour!  How amazing is that?!  I actually phoned Grandma in Beachburg and she and Ella went by the house to grab the bit of pork left there and brought it up to us.  It was like tracking Santa's sleigh, customers kept coming by and checking her progress  :) We then sold just about everything Grandma brought up too.  I even sold my smocked sundress -in fact I could have sold it twice.
It was such an amazing day (well 3 1/2 hrs).  We had a better day than even the Taste of the Valley in Cobden, which I didn't think we could top.
In light of the day we had yesterday, we are updating our farmers' market schedule as follows:

June: 2 -Renfrew Market -new location at the Fair Grounds
            9 -Deep River Market
            16 -Renfrew Market
             23 -Deep River Market

July:  7 -Deep River Market
             14 -Renfrew Market
             21 -Deep River Market
            28 -Renfrew Market

August:  4 -Deep River Market
                  11 -Renfrew Market
                  18 -Taste of the Valley -Renfrew Armouries
                  25 -Renfrew Market

September:  1 -Deep River Market
                         8 -Renfrew Market
                         15 -Deep River Market
                         22 -Renfrew Market
                         29 -Deep River Market

October:    6 -Renfrew Market
                       13 -Taste of the Valley -Cobden

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Diann said...

Wow, congrats! What a profitable day you had, and it looks like you're going to be busy all summer into the fall. Great! I'm happy for you. :)