Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real -19 April 2012

My Pretty girl in her costume (that I remade so it would fit her properly).  She was very happy to finally have it.  All the other girls at dance have had their costumes for a couple of weeks.  I'm not too pleased with the costume (material or construction) and I'm just glad we didn't have to pay full price ($60) and I wasn't the only very unhappy mother.  I think I would have demanded my money back!
I put her into beginner highland again this year and it's really paid off.  Ella really seems to be 'getting it' this year.  She also likes being one of the big girls in class instead of usually one of the little ones.
Driving home from the chip truck on Sunday  :)  This is what we found in our neighbour's field.  A Sandhill crane.  It's a little early in the year but we're happy to see them back.
Momma and Grandma are happy with this picture.  The rhubarb is off to a good start.  It's always a yummy sign of spring.  Now we just need the strawberries ready too  :)
Another happy, Daddy hard at work washing up the pool.  He's thinking of filling it soon.  He likes to get it all ready and set up before he gets too busy cropping.  We've got the solar heater so who knows how early Daddy will go for a dip this year!

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