Tuesday, March 6, 2012


A bunch of my internet 'friends' have been sharing the signs of spring at their homes.  It's been so nice to see.  So I thought I'd share my current spring pictures, so here is my tulip garden:

Yep, that's a good 2 feet of snow.  Too bad Colin didn't get a picture of the thermometer this morning.  It was -10F!  The house is so cold today we've had to put the oil on a couple times.  I guess Colin is going to have to put the plastic back on the patio door (it came off in that crazy wind the other day).

Here's a real sign of spring.  The barn cats are out and about during the day enjoying the sunshine.  Another sign of spring (but you can't really see in this picture) is Zebra's (grey stripes) growing belly.  I don't think that's just lunch  :)
One last sign of spring:

Daddy busy finishing up his Canadian Quality Assurance (CQA) and Animal Care paperwork.
Is it spring where you are yet?

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