Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring Part 2

Joining the fun at Farm Girl Friday!  You might notice a slight difference this week from my last Spring post.

Ah, mud season spring in the country!  Colin has lost track of how much gravel has been put down in this yard.  Rubber boots are required to even walk out to the truck.
Here's another sign of spring.  The cat herd has started to expand.  These weren't even dry yet.   Any one need some kittens??
Ella and Daddy busy getting the tomatoes started last week.  They are so tall today that Daddy has to move them from the cellar (with grow light) to his mother's bright and sunny kitchen.  It's amazing how fast they came up.  Ella's little fingers are perfect for planting seeds in peat pots.  Especially since Daddy's fingers still aren't healed from the chemical burn he got last July.
This has nothing to do with spring, I just never get a good picture of Ralph  :)

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