Thursday, March 8, 2012

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real -8 March 2012

Joining the ladies for Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real this week.

I wasn't able to get a picture of anything to show how happy we were yesterday.  It was 12C and it felt wonderful!  Really makes one wish for spring.
To make me Happy, my Mommy dropped this off.  What can it be?
A brand new sewing machine!!  Really she bought it for herself but found it was too much machine for her needs.  So instead of returning it, she's trading my old Brother (Jeans Machine) for this fabulous machine.  Do you see all the cool stitches I have now?!  I can't wait to get sewing.  Ella has the stitches already picked out for her Snow White costume.
My pretty, funny girl planting some marigold seeds at Seedy Sunday.  They had a great turnout, but I was rather disappointed with the vendor turnout.  There didn't seem to be much to see this year.

This week's real doesn't have a picture.  I still don't have the cupboard cleaned out so I can fit my food processor/blender.  And I have to frog my shawl  :(  I laid it out last night, using the blocking wires my sweetie gave me for Christmas, and there is no way it's going to lay flat.  I think I'm going to put this wool away for a while before I find a new pattern.

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