Thursday, March 1, 2012

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real -1 March 2012

Another week for Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real -St. David's Day edition!

Today is St. David's Day.  This is the day to celebrate our Welsh heritage.  The Rees side of the family comes from Wales (when you go far enough back) and the Parry family (Mom's side) are Welsh originally too.  I would love to be in Wales right now.  It's a day of national celebration with costumes and parades and it sounds like lots of fun.  I'll be making Welsh cakes and Bara Brith.  We might have Welsh Rarebit for lunch.
My Pretty girl was so Happy to go skating yesterday with her homeschool friends.  The rink in Petawawa is rather small but the ice surface is so much nicer than at the PMC (too much hockey there).  It is so much more fun for Ella to have her friends around (easier on Momma too).  I think we'll make Petawawa our usual rink.  I hate to stop and think how old I was when I wore this skating dress(9-10?).  Even though it's a bit big on Ella, it fits well enough to wear.
More Happy Ella having a grand time on her 'mountain'.  Daddy even smoothed out a couple toboggan runs for her with the loader.  It was such a beautiful day, cool but almost seemed like spring (if that makes sense).  She sure was snowy when she finally came in  :)
Momma was happy with her haul from the Dollar Store on Monday.  I found the perfect basket for storing our garlic.  I did have it in some paper bags, but with how often they get moved (in and out of the oven) the bags get ripped.   The nice big tray is for out Lenten Garden, it's the perfect size.  The glass baking dish is for the garden too, hopefully the pond won't get spilled so often this year.
And here's Momma's Real this week.  I have to find a home in this cupboard for my new food processor/blender that my wonderful In-Laws gave me for Christmas.  It's fabulous and I want to make sure it's handy to get out and use.

And since it's the First of March here's the weather report: snow, snain, snizzle, freezing rain and just general yuckiness.  I guess we could say March has come in like a lion.  That's good since it should go out like a lamb and maybe Easter will be nice weather for a change.

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