Saturday, March 31, 2012

Out Like a Lamb -sort of ...

March 1st, well March kind of came in like a lion.  Certainly not the worst March first we've had and considering the half-hearted winter we had, it wasn't really surprising.  And keeping with that, March ends like a lamb, sort of.
Ella has spent the afternoon having a ball playing outside.  Momma even ventured out for coffee break with her and Daddy.  It may be bright and sunny and beautiful looking, but it is not warm enough to play without a coat.  No matter what Ella says  :)
See the green stuff poking through the straw?  That's the garlic!  It's looking great.
My bluebells are back!  That was the fun thing with going to Easter Mass in Toronto.  We travel through an older neighbourhood and many of the homes have front yards that are just blue with bluebells at Easter.  My bluebells are finally starting to spread, but I'm far from a blue yard.

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