Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real -9 February 2012

I was wandering through some old pictures on the computer and thought this week's Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real would be the perfect time to share some.  They certainly make me pretty Happy!

Daddy's pumpkins, a small giant pumpkin with a few "pumpkimellons" -pumpkin/watermelon cross

Sitting on Daddy's giant pumpkin (day before 10 month 'birthday').  The weird-looking green things beside the pumpkin are our 'pumkimelons'.   Somehow Daddy's watermelons and the pumpkins crossed.  Daddy called them 'dragon eggs' and the kids loved them.

My Kitchen

My little chief!  This kitchen that she got Christmas 2007 was one of the best gifts Santa could have got her.  It's seen many, many intense cooking sessions.

Farmer ingenuity

And here is some farmer ingenuity.  Tired out after pulling Ella around on her sled and hearing 'faster Daddy', he tied her sled up to the lawnmower.  Ella had a ball.  Momma wasn't so sure.


Ella and her Bitty Baby Lucy.  She's had Lucy since the 2007 Christmas too.  Momma and Daddy made a good pick.   Of all her dolls, Lucy is the one Ella plays with most often.  And I love this picture.


Diann said...

Cute pics! It's fun to reminisce, but kind of sad too, for you realize how quickly the time has gone!

Paula said...

Yes, she's definitely not that little person any more :(