Friday, February 17, 2012

Farm Girl Friday -17 February 2012

Joining the Farm Girl fun this week.   All winter we have been watching a couple flocks of wild turkey.  Our field up the highway has literally close to 100 turkeys.  There have been a few hanging out here, but down by the swamp.  Well this is what happened the week Ella and I were away.

They are getting really brave/hungry.  Colin took this picture from the living room (you can see the greenhouse).  Colin's hoping they all move along when spring arrives.  We don't need them eating the crops. 
There have been a few neat farm related things floating around Facebook lately.  I thought I'd share this one.  It really speaks the truth about local, farm businesses.
I'm not sure if Loblaws is in the States, but I'm sure my Canadian readers have heard the stupidity uttered by Galan Weston lately.  Long story short, he said farmers' markets were going to kill somebody and we should all buy just from him.  Needless to say he's getting an earful from the Farmers' Market community.  

It's hard to believe Galen when, right now, most of the fruit and vegetables in Loblaws (No Frills, etc) come from very questionable countries like Mexico, instead of from Canada and the US.  

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