Thursday, January 5, 2012

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real -5 January 2012

First Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real post of the year!  Just a couple pictures as we've been taking it easy as the Christmas season winds to a close.

Why is it so hard to take a picture of it snowing?  That's what makes this picture a happy one too.  I love the snow.  It's actually snowing a fair bit in this picture.  We ended up with 2 more inches of fluffy white stuff.

Funny is Ella playing her new Kinect Penguins of Madagascar game.  She really gets hopping and jumping around.  She has a grand time playing that game.  This one is partially Real too.  My house is still a disaster after all the Christmas opening. 

Today's Real -Ella watching tv this morning.  For some reason the house was only 16C (60F) this morning.  Boy it was chilly!

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