Friday, December 9, 2011

Farm Girl Friday -9 December 2011

Another lovely week of Advent almost over.  Again, we've lost a couple of days to Ella being sick.  This time it was a bad ear infection.  The medicine seems to be working and Ella's feeling much better now.

Sunday was the Sunday of Peace

Since this was also Santa's list day, Merry arrived for her Advent stay.  Ella tries extra hard to be good now that someone is watching  :)  We read The Story of Christmas and the Littlest Angel (and yes, that was one of mine).

Monday we delivered the treats for December.  It's one of the easiest Christmas presents ever (especially for mother and sister-in-laws).  I try to deliver close to the first of the month, but it's usually whichever grocery day is closest (since his sister doesn't live in Cobden).  I did groceries for the MONTH!   I am avoiding the stores as much as possible.  I'll have to run in for milk and veggies, but that's it.  We are really enjoying our daily stories from the Advent Storybook and the Jesse Tree.

Tuesday Ella was at Grandma's again.  The doctor is over in Beachburg so Grandma took Ella home with her so they could get her ear looked at.  And yes, an ear infection.  Got to get my girl healthy for Christmas.  Ended up not doing anything for St. Nicholas day since Ella felt so miserable.  We read Santa Mouse and Santa's Surprise and the Berenstain Bears Meet Santa Bear.

Wednesday we put our Christmas candle in the front window.  It's a nod to our Irish roots (which I've discovered both sides of the family have lots of, need to look into more traditions).  We're not having much luck with the Christmas lights, but Daddy's working on fixing those.  We read The Night Before Christmas and Reindeer's First Christmas.

Thursday was National Brownie day so baked some yummy brownies.  Daddy was very happy when he came in for coffee break.  We also wrote a letter to Santa.  Well, Ella dictated and Momma wrote -too many words (ha ha).  Ella's creche came out of storage today.  I was going to bring out the people as they appeared in the story, but soon gave in:

It was either let her have all the people and play or else she wanted to ask for another one from Santa.   We read the Berenstain Bears Get Ready for Christmas and A Star for Christmas.  I love Trisha Romance prints and this book is gorgeous.

Today we went skating in Pembroke.  They have children's ice time Monday, Wednesday and Fridays from 11-12.  Since today is Christmas card day, we headed to the post office to get all our Christmas cards into the mail, especially a certain special one that needs to go all the way to the north pole.  Tonight we are reading Little Women, a very short, little girl version.
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