Friday, December 23, 2011

Farm Girl Friday -23 December 2011

I know there is no official Farm Girl Friday this week, but I wanted to share our last week of Advent fun.

We continue to enjoy the mischief Merry gets into overnight.  It's amazing how fast Ella finds Merry.
Saturday we made edible gifts for the birds.  Very easy, just coat large pine cones with peanut butter then roll the cones in bird seed.  We also found some extra goodies for the cats to keep them occupied while the birds enjoyed their treat.  We read Jingle Bells and Poky Little Puppy's First Christmas.  More Little Golden Books from my childhood.

Sunday, our fourth Sunday of Advent.  The Sunday of the Angels.  After church we made a mouse angel from Christmas With the Mousekins.  We read Listen said the Donkey.

Monday we finished up our Christmas baking.  We need to get the tins filled and ready for delivery.  We read The Nutcraker and The Hat.

Tuesday we wrapped our presents and put them under the tree.  We read Santa's Workshop and Leave it to Rudolph.

Wednesday, the Winter Solstice.  Ella will be happy to hear that the days are getting longer from now on  :)  We made Winter Solstice chicken pie.  We read Bruno in the Snow and the winter book from our new Year at Brambly Hedge.

Thursday we delivered our cookie tins.  They were well received as always.  Now we can nibble on the leftovers.  We read Berenstain Bears Joy of Giving.

Friday we made paper snowflakes.  I tried some fancy patterns off the internet, but our paper is too thick.  I fear it's the only snow we're seeing this Christmas.  We read Christmas Trolls.

This will likely be my last post until sometime later in the Christmas Season.  This is what we hope to do and read for the next couple days.

Saturday, Ella hopes to come to midnight mass ('midnight mouse' -not sure where that came from) with Momma and Grandma for the first time.  Service starts at 11 pm, so I'm not sure.  We'll real The Night Before Christmas and Madeline's Christmas.  We'll also finish off The Advent Story Book and The Jesse Tree.

Christmas Day!!  We'll read The Christmas Story.

I must say a giant Thank You to my Mom who saved most of these great books from when I was a kid and salvaged a few from Dad's old house too.  Without her our Christmas book list would have been much smaller!

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