Friday, December 2, 2011

Farm Girl Friday -2 December 2011

For December our Farm Girl post will be a wrap-up of the week's Advent celebrations.  This week is a little off since Ella was sick (and at Grandma's).  We try to do something every day.

So far this week, we've got our nature table set up for Advent.  Our Advent tree got it's first ornament yesterday.  Ella set up our peg people nativity too.   Last night we ate supper by light of the Advent wreath.  Ella had me take a picture but it was too dark  :)

We had our visit with Santa yesterday.  I even got Ella's special dress finished, though Santa is covering the snowflake.  We arrived at the perfect time.  First in line!  That never happens.  This Santa is so good with the kids, it's the same fellow every year.  For some reason this year Ella was really shy with him.  Usually she hops up on his knee and chats his ear off.  This year we had a hard time getting her to smile.

But then the photographer was able to catch this picture.
Today we are waiting for Grandma to arrive and we're going to put up the outside Christmas lights.  I'm not sure Grandma can hold ladders any more, but at least I know she can get help.
For Christmas/Advent/Winter books we've been reading:
we started the first stories of:
We try to have a very laid back Advent.  It's nice to avoid all the hustle and bustle at the malls.


Diann said...

Very sweet Santa photos, esp. the second one.
I like your Advent traditions.

menatra said...

Great Santa photos! My kids are still too scared to sit on his lap!

"I'm not sure Grandma can hold ladders any more, but at least I know she can get help." Hilarious!!

Paula said...

It was kind of meant to be funny, but really it's me admitting Mom's getting old.

Back when we were at home, if anything needed done Mom and I did it. Usually with me balancing off the top of the ladder and Mom holding it still. This year while balancing on the rocks around the house I really started to wonder if this was a good idea. At 63 and with bad arthritis, holding a ladder isn't her strong point anymore.

Ella's never been frightened of Santa which is funny because she's nervous around everyone with facial hair (including all her uncles). But she usually runs right up to Santa. I'm not sure what was different this year, except she was still a little off after being sick.