Friday, December 16, 2011

Farm Girl Friday -16 December 2011

Joining the other farm girls to share another fun week of Advent preparation.  Even with taking our time enjoying things, it's amazing how quickly the weeks are passing.

Saturday we were going to head outside before bed and look at the stars and the full moon.  Unfortunately we had thick clouds.  We did have lots of fun starting our Christmas baking.

I have a great helper this year.  Other years Ella has 'helped', but this year she did about a quarter of the chopping for the fruitcake and we were done in no time.  I also got the doughs made up for 4 other cookies and they are waiting in the freezer.  We read Polly's Christmas Present and Let it Snow.   And yes, the Let it Snow is by THE Holly Hobbie!   Do you remember Holly Hobbie, I loved everything!  I wish I could find some vintage Holly Hobbie.  They have modernized her and she just isn't the same.

Sunday we headed into Ottawa for Church.  Can't beat the holidays at a 'high' Anglican church  :)   This third Sunday of Advent is full of joy.

Ella loves to go to Sunday School here and came home with a bunch of crafts.   She loves to tell me about the 'Jesus stories' that they read in class too.  We always feel so welcome there.

Since we were in Ottawa I thought we'd check out Wabi Sabi, a yarn shop I've heard a lot about.  To get there we drove through Ottawa's China Town.  I did not expect what we found:

How's that for a surprise driving down the road!  Very cool.  Wish I could say the same for the yarn shop.  People here in the Ottawa Valley like to put down Toronto for some reason, they say how rude everyone is and such.   Well, lets just say I've never had such a visit to the yarn shop, not even the potentially snooty ones downtown Toronto.  No one could even be bothered to say 'hello' let alone see if we needed any help.  I stood at the counter a good 10 minutes without any service, even though the one shop girl was just tidying up.  If I didn't want to buy some yarn there that I've never seen before, we would have just left.
We read The Mitten and The Christmas Baby.

Monday we had a lot of fun decorating gingerbread houses.  I made them the easy way with my pan from Lee Valley Tools.  We made one for us

and one for Ella's friends in Renfrew.

We read The Snowman and Merry Christmas Emily.

Tuesday was great excitement.  We headed out to Killaloe to get our Christmas tree.  We found a great place with nice trees and reasonable prices, unfortunately the owner is really old and plans to retire next year.  This part of the Ottawa Valley needs a nice tree farm.  We read Wild Christmas Reindeer and Trouble with Trolls.

Wednesday Ella and I had a grand time decorating the tree.  I think Ella actually put up most of the decorations.  I did the unwrapping and Daddy did the over 6 foot parts  :)  I was a really good Momma and didn't rearrange any of Ella's decorations over night, even the ones that are clustered together.

We read the Little Christmas Tree and the Littlest Snowman (price on this Golden Book $0.35, must have been one of my Dad's).

Thursday we finally got a start at our Christmas baking.  I can't believe what a help Ella is this year.  I think she must have filled at least a third of the cookie sheets.  I tried really hard not to mention the misshapen cookies.  I don't want to discourage her.  We decided not to paint the cookies this year, just the coloured sugar.  Maybe next year we'll try the fancy painting.

We'll likely do a bit of baking every day, we've still got quite the list to get finished in less than 9 days.  We read the 12 Days of Christmas .

Today we are taking it easy.  After a morning of baking we're going to pop some popcorn and make some hot cocoa and watch a great Christmas movie.  If I have my way we'll watch Little Women.   We're reading Rudolph and Frosty


Diann said...

What a nice week you've had!
Hey, I'll gladly "dispose" of those misshapen cookies for you! ;)

Paula said...

Ha, Daddy likes to help with the misshapen ones too :) I'm just trying to over-look them