Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Yarn Along -12 October 2011

I almost had a finished project to share in this week's Yarn Along.  My shawl is done but not 'done done' so I'll wait to show you.

Can you guess what I have started??  Yep, it's a baby surprise jacket.  I found this pretty Bernat Mosaic at Walmart yesterday.  Since the Momma isn't going to find out which she's having I was hoping this would be unisex.  It's turning out rather girlie  :)  It's so hard to believe Andrea is having a baby.  It doesn't seem so long ago she looked like this:

Andrea's the little blonde on the floor, second from the right.  Her sister is beside her and little Thomas on my lap.  Grandma looked after them ever since they were born and were more like little siblings to Belinda and me.

I've just started The Hour that Matters Most.  I can't discuss it much right now, I have to do a full review later.  But so far it's an interesting read.

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