Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Yarn Along -7 September 2011

Joining Ginny again this week.  I started a fun new project for me.  We live in a drafty old Edwardian (1907).  In fact our house doesn't have insulation in the walls.  It's one layer of brick, studs, then another layer of brick, then lath and plaster walls.  Somehow the air pocket is supposed to act as insulation.   Needless to say, it gets so drafty some days the curtains actually sway in the breeze.  I think I mentioned earlier that I wanted to make a sontag for myself, that way I could keep warm but still have my arms free for work.  Well, the beautiful wool I bought from Tina turned out to be too fine for every pattern I found.  I started roaming around the 'net looking for ideas and found these; Danish tie-shawls.  Perfect!  Still had a bit of a problem because all those patterns want thicker wool too (worsted size).  Our house is chilly but not that cold  :)  So I decided to take the shaping theory from these old shawls and make my own pattern.   I'm using 3mm needles which are a little bigger than the ball band calls for.  The main body of the shawl is just garter, but I will put a simple lace pattern towards the bottom.  If this pattern turns out well, I'll make one for Ella too.
I'm back reading the Catholic Home: Celebrations and Traditions for Holidays, Feast Days, and Every Day.  I started this book a while ago and am just getting back at it.  I would like to introduce more traditions into our lives.  Many Catholic traditions are the same as the Anglican ones my Grandma would have had.  This book has lots of great suggestions.

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