Friday, September 16, 2011

Farm Girl Friday -16 September 2011

When life isn't busy enough what does a Farm Girl do to make a weekend interesting?  She goes to a special farmers' market in Deep River, the local fair and then to Ottawa for elections training, of course  :)

Saturday was the second annual Farmers' Market up in Deep River.  It's about an hours drive up to Deep River, but oh so worth the trip.  The people of Deep River are so happy to see us and so very friendly.  We had a great day and nearly emptied the freezers here at home.  They are talking about starting a monthly farmers' market next year, hopefully they go ahead with that.  They also have a beautiful location, though it's right on the road which makes it hard to have Ella along.

Sunday we decided to head out to the Renfrew Fair.  This is the Fair that Ella waits all year to attend.  We usually go Saturday nights so Colin can watch the livestock sale.  There are usually a few of our pigs in the show (bought by kids to 'raise' and show).  This year Colin's niece was showing for the first time.  She got third -which didn't sit well with Grandpa (biased) and Uncle Colin (not biased).

We decided to try going to the Fair Sunday morning -best day to go to the Fair ever!  It seems to be the unofficial 'family day'.  Everyone was either a family or older folks.   No teenagers ripping and tearing around, not watching for Ella.

And now from the girl who's nervous about being 'high' up in the tractor:

Not sure how someone 'afraid' of heights loves to slide and ride the Ferris wheel, but they are Ella's favourites.

Inside the Armories, we found Momma's dream home!!

Ella was fascinated with the doll house.  It even had a secret library up in the attic.  If we had room for it, I would have bought a ticket for the raffle.

Holstein horse  :)
My two funny loves.

We left Daddy in the parking lot and hopped into Grandma's car for the trip to Ottawa.  I had an Elections Ontario meeting at 8am Monday and they provided a room at the hotel (2 queen beds, just perfect).  Ella didn't eat much at the Fair and we never thought to stop at McDonald's and grab her a burger, so by the time we got to Ottawa I had one wired child that needed food fast.  Right next to the hotel was a restaurant called Lone Star.  It was built onto an old house so we thought we'd go in and  try (even though it was only 4:30).  It was quite nice.  Grandma and I shared some steak fajitas-yum!

Our room with a nice big window, small fridge and television.
Harvest moon from our window.
Of course, we need the 'I'm not sleepy' picture.

Monday morning was spent learning how to run all the new accessible voting equipment.  It was a long, slow morning (some computer skills should be required) but good news is I got some knitting done on the socks I brought for just such an occasion  :)

Since we were in Ottawa we slipped into Yarn Forward.  I picked up some Berroco Vintage (in Tidal Pool) for a really nice sweater for myself.  I also picked up the yarn to start working on Ella's Spud and Chloe set


Diann said...

Sounds like a nice trip. I love all the pictures!(Now I know why you didn't post your menu last week!)We just got back on Tuesday from a quick trip to Myrtle Beach. We were supposed to go camping, but with rain predicted all week, hubby was hedging so I canceled our reservation and made beach reservations(motel)instead. Even got hubby to go on the new Sky Wheel in M. Beach, which is like a huge Ferris wheel, 20 stories high, with temperature controlled gondolas. I loved it!!

Paula said...

Yes, cause I didn't mention Tuesday's fun, pork to weigh, groceries to buy and dance starting. I just gave up on a menu.

It's so nice to get away for a few days. Even better when you stay at the motel (less work).