Friday, August 19, 2011

Farm Girl Friday -19 August 2011

Sometimes even a Farm Girl needs to get away from the farm.  This week we headed off to our favourite get away place, Twin Wheels Farm in Brudenell.  This time we stayed in the big cottage.

We needed the big cottage because we had company!!  Colin's best friend from college came for a visit.  They live in London so we don't get to see them very often (8 hour drive before having Ella).  They have 2 little people now.  Rachel is 3 1/2 and Brandon turns 2 at the end of the month.

The view from the front door.  Big living room with tv and dvd player for rainy days.  Joe did all the building himself.  What a beautiful place!

The view from the back corner.  Boy would I love this for a house.  See the nice big kitchen??   Carol keeps the cottages stocked with everything you would need.  There are even cookie sheets and cake pans in the cupboards!  Nice big table for meals and a wood stove to keep things cozy.

Ella's room.  Upstairs there are four bedrooms and a full bathroom.  Each room has a double or queen size bed and 2 windows.

Our chef, cook and bottle washer  :)  I got the meals ready and Colin did the cooking and the washing up.  That way Momma got some holiday too.

Joe and Carol have about 1000 acres of bush and it includes a beautiful private lake.  It's so nice to just sit and chill and not have to listen to boat motors or anything.

Brandon and his tractors.  He wanted no part of the water but was so happy in the sand.

We spent Tuesday afternoon at the beach.  Ella and Daddy built the 'universe's best sandcastle' which was inhabited by dinosaurs, with alligators guarding the castle.

It was hard to come home on Wednesday.  It's so restful to get away even for a few days.  Ella said 'Dada didn't complain about the pigs all weekend' and that says it all!


Diann said...

What a lovely cottage and lake - it sounds like heaven!

Paula said...

It was wonderful. Colin and I are hoping to get back out for a bit between soy beans and corn :)

menatra said...

What a great getaway! We really need to try this out, I think it would be perfect for our family. Do they allow fishing at the lake?
You must have felt so refreshed when you came back home.

Paula said...

Tanya, you guys would love it at Joe & Carol's. Rent the big cottage, it gives you and the kids a bit more space in case of rainy days.

Fishing is allowed and you can keep the fish. Check out the pike I caught in July

This trip was a little more stressful than relaxing. But when we go as a family it's great. I'm hoping Daddy and I can get away for a few days between soy bean and corn. It's handy that it's only 45 minutes from the house. We can get away without spending all day driving.