Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Yarn Along -22 June 2011

Still working (or not) on Ella's February Little Lady Sweater, but thought I'd share something different for this week's Yarn Along.  I'm knitting a sweater for a neighbour's daughter.  The Momma is a new knitter and a little nervous at tackling a sweater.  The way the pattern is written it's a good thing she didn't try it.  I've had to read the pattern a couple of times to figure it out.  And then there is the yarn... 

I guess I should have done some homework on the yarn since I was unfamiliar with it.   I was done to the sleeves when I started the second ball (2 sleeves at once) and noticed how different the second-hand painted ball of yarn was.  Ended up frogging the sweater to start over.   This time alternating between the balls.  And, again, the yarn looks better in person, it's all blue, pink and purple.  Maybe I should try taking pictures outside like the Yarn Harlot does.

We picked up a few books at the library last Saturday.  I love that the Renfrew library does charge out-of-town kids for a library card.  Ella loves to have something to look forward to at the Farmers' Market.  Obviously a couple of these books are for Momma  :)

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