Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Yarn Along -6 April 2011

Lots of accomplished knitting to share this week in the Yarn Along.  I have a number of 'orders' for the egg/birds for Easter so I've been busy.  Ella really wants one.  She's giving all the finished ones 'love'.
Today we are reading (and Ella loves) Bible Stories for Little Tots.  It's by the Daughters of St.Paul.  I think it must have been one of my Dad's books, it's a little too "Catholic" to be from Mom's baptist/missionary/united family.    I have to skip some of the stories.  They are too intense for Ella, I know we would have nightmares for days.

I really appreciate Grandma keeping Ella for me last week.  I just wish Grandma did share her cold.  Poor Miss Ella is miserable and coughing.  Last night she woke up sobbing that her ear was plugged and hurting.  She kept asking me to 'fix it', which breaks my heart since there is nothing I can do.  We ended up downstairs because sitting up seemed to give her some relief.  We eventually fell asleep (sometime after 2).  That's one nice thing with Daddy's new chesterfield.  Now when Ella needs to sleep downstairs, Momma doesn't have to sleep on the floor -she gets one reclined end and I get the other.

We are likely heading to the walk-in clinic this afternoon.  I'm wondering if she's got an ear infection.


Kimberly said...

Try some warm white vinegar in her ear, it can't hurt. I've been using it when my ears start bugging me and it clears them up.

Chad actually has pneumonia, and is on antibiotics and inhaler, that's a first for us, no one has had that before. Thankfully, we saw the need for Dr intervention in this case.

Diann said...

Poor Ella. I hope she feels better soon. Those earraches are so painful. I had them all the time as a kid and even lost some of my hearing in one ear from it.

Those birds are so darn cute!!! :) Ella won't want to part with any of them!

Paula said...

Hope Chad is feeling better soon Kimberly. Grandma actually has a touch of pneumonia too. I'm so glad we can go to the doctor without worrying if it's important enough. The meds cost $70 though, because we are starting an new quarter and have to make the deductible.

Hearing loss is actually one of the reasons we went to the doctor today. I know ear infections are serious. I had a lot of them as a kid too, the hurt.

Yes, Ella is having a hard time with me knitting all these birds and dolls and none for her. I'm going to have her pick her favourite colour and make her one for Easter.