Saturday, April 16, 2011

Lenten Garden

I've been wanting to set up a Lenten Garden for a while now.  As per usual, I finally get it done the day before Palm Sunday.  I have a great book, All Year Round that has wonderful ideas to bring more meaning and celebration to our days.  This is where the Lenten Garden idea comes from.   I need to find some different supplies for next year.  I would like to have bigger tray and a better dish for the pond.  I also need to plan ahead for the cave/tomb.  I just covered a box with cardboard for this year, maybe next year we'll make something from clay.  The branches are from the lilac tree.  We don't have any spring-flowering bushes.  I'm not sure if they will leaf in time for Easter.  The play silks come from my friend Maureen.  She's closed the online store, but if you are near Wilno the craft-type store carries some of her products.  I made this Garden while Ella was in the living room.  She came out to investigate and was so thrilled.  She gave me a giant hug and a 'thank you Momma' .  It's so rewarding that such little things give Ella such joy.
  Speaking of small gifts bringing Ella joy.  I finished her knitted dolly last night and she was met with squeals of delight this morning.  Here she is playing with Ella in the cardboard 'house'.  You will note all the 'decorations' on the sides.  Ella has named her new dolly Addie, after one of her little friends.

Not sure why, but right now Ella is obsessed with taking her own pictures.    The camera is full of them these days.

What happened to spring today?  Can you see what is falling from the sky?  Yep, snow.  Blah!!  I've had enough of being cold, I'm ready for spring.

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