Monday, March 7, 2011

Hand Me Downs

Ella doesn't get many hand-me-downs any more.  When she was a baby I don't think I needed to buy her any clothes for at least the first six months of her life.  But now it's usually Ella passing on her nice things.    Lately we met some new folks.  They have a lovely candle company in Eganville.  They also raise some animals and gardens.  Luckily for Ella, they also have a little girl a bit older than Ella who loves girly things too.  The other day Lynn dropped off a bag of clothes and puzzles for Ella.  Much to Ella's delight there were lots of Strawberry Shortcake jammies.   Only one pj pant was too small.  The others Ella loves already.  Ella was extra happy to see that there was even a Strawberry Shortcake nightie to fit Lucy.

Ella says 'thank you Lynn'!!


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that you've found a hand-me friend! I've been sharing ours with a family at church that has 2 little girls just enough younger/smaller than Emma, I have another bag for her, {which of course I left on the floor yesterday} she told me that she was really grateful for our hand-me-downs that she didn't have anyone else handing down to her, I know what a gift it is! It's equally nice to know that the clothes are really being put to use, and nicely cared for.

We're all about girls and their dolls matching here!!! {our AG fashion show fundraiser is in just 2 weeks!! Emma is wearing Kit's Birthday Dress}

Paula said...

I really like that dress! I tell Ella that Kit is like Great Grandma when she was a girl. Molly is like Grandma. Both the grandmas were a little young during those times, but it helps give Ella a little historical context. Ella really wants me to make some Momma/Ella dresses and nighties. Like I need more sewing right now :)