Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Home Finally

I'm so glad to be home again and I will certainly be glad when the trip to Bowmanville takes only 4 hours again.   These days it usually takes closer to 5 since we need to make a couple of bathroom breaks.  We had a great time with Auntie Belinda and Uncle Stefan.

We headed down to Scarborough on Thursday.  We took the slightly longer way down so that we could drop a couple of things off to a customer in Barry's Bay.   It's a nice way to drive to Bancroft and sometimes change is good.  When we got to Bowmanville we stopped at Tina's wool store, Soper Creek Yarn.  Tina has such a nice selection of wools and at such reasonable prices.  I picked up some beautiful wool for Ella.  It's Crofter Dk by Sirdar.  It's an acrylic/cotton/wool blend and is so soft -Ella will never guess there's wool in it but will be warm.   The wool knits up 'fair isle' and is a mixture of red/blue/grey/yellow/oatmeal.  I also picked up some thicker 100% wool to make a felted hobby horse for Ella.  Well it's a good thing I did because I ran out of knitting!  I actually got the horse done and had to pick up more wool at Michael's on Sunday.   I should go to my sister's more often  :)

Friday we headed into the city to the St. Lawrence Market.  I used to love to go to the Market on my lunch hours when I worked in Toronto.  You can find just about anything food related and the meat!!!  There is one spot that is just 'heaven'.  It's basically everything and anything kitchen stuffed into one stall.  Including a wall of cookie cutters!  I controlled myself and only got 3.  Ella was our photo journalist for this trip so I have lots of interesting pictures, though she is just the right height for pictures of the counters.  One last picture from the Market, Ella and Auntie Belinda wanted to pose with the 'Mountie'.  We planned a quiet relaxing weekend so this is all we did today.  I did pick up an Angus roast for supper, it was delicious!!   Wow, we couldn't have asked for more beautiful February weather.  It was 12C!   On the way home we stopped at Toys R Us.  Ella was nearly overwhelmed with all the toys, especially when she found the wall of Littlest Pet Shop critters.  Ella used some of her birthday money and bought herself a new Explorer game and a Tag book.
Saturday was bright and sunny but very cold and windy.  After Ella and Uncle Stefan finished playing X-box in the morning, they took us to the movies.  Wow, I forget how big the Cinaplex theatres are!  Auntie Belinda was wanting to see Gnomeo and Juliet and since it was 'G', that's what we went to see.  It was a really cute movie -a happy ending and no tears  :)

Sunday we packed up at Auntie B's and headed to Great Grandma's for the 'February' birthday party.  We had a really nice evening with all my Aunts and Uncles and Great Grandma.  Ella received some lovely gifts.  We spent the night at our friends' B&B.  It was great to see them again.
Monday found us back on the road.  It was less than a pleasant trip for me, I woke with a migraine.  I dozed off and on for most of the trip.  Luckily Grandma doesn't mind driving.   Ella had a good snooze too.  We were all very happy to be home.  Daddy was glad to see us too.

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Anonymous said...

Glad your back safe and sound. I can't believe your snow is gone, that's some melting that's been going on! We are going to definitely take this week off from school and rest up- Ugh! I couldn't believe it when the girls woke up all cruddy again! That meant no babies at our house today either :( The children are enjoying some quiet play time though. Thanks for the well wishes! My sweet blog friend!