Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Yarn Along -29 December 2010

No Yarn Along at Ginny's this week, but I wanted to share any way.  If I knew how to do a linky thing I'd host for her  :)

Anyway, just to show I'm not a crazy knitter that churns out things at light speed, I'm still working on my cashmere mobius.

I'm reading my new cookbook from the Pioneer Woman.  I can't wait to try out many of the recipes.  Apparently Cowboys and Farmers eat the same way  :)

I do have a finished project to share.  I got Colin's mittens felted.  They took a while to felt.  Next time I'm sticking with Paton's Classic Wool for my felt projects -it never disappoints.  The Briggs and Little didn't disappoint either really, I'm just glad Colin has largish hands and I didn't have to felt down the mittens very much.

As you can see from the picture, it's no giant surprise why I get the goofy pictures from Ella.  The apple doesn't fall far from the tree around here.


Anonymous said...

What is a mobius? The knitting needles and the sewing machine are quiet this week.... That will all change though after the holiday!!!

PS- I hope you don't mind that I do think you are one of those crazy knitters that does put out items at lightning speed!!!

Enjoy the cookbook you lucky girl!

Paula said...

A knitted Mobius is an ingenious invention by Elizabeth Zimmerman. It makes one of the best scarves ever. It's perfect for babies because it's much much harder for them to take them off. I found a good picture here ( It's very fine and lacy (my kind of scarf) but they can be knit from anything. Ella's new one is a DK acrylic (

Having knit night every week certainly helps get things done. As does the yarn along. It encourages me to actually finish stuff :)

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Cute pics! Love the last one especially. The mittens look wonderful! Happy New Year!

Paula said...

I'm quite happy with the mitts, just glad I didn't have to make them any smaller. I love that picture of Ella too :)