Thursday, December 9, 2010

December 9 -movie day

This morning was skating at the local arena.  We were lucky and Daddy was able to come again this week.  Ella loves skating and is very happy with her new pink helmet.  She has finally stated skating with both legs (again).  Two years ago she skated with both feet, then last year started using only her right leg.  This year she's been holding her left leg so stiff she complains that it's sore all afternoon.  Well, I don't know what Daddy did, but he was able to get her using her left leg today!!  Let's hope it continues next week too.

Today's Advent treat is 'Movie Theatre Night' at Grandma's.  It's sleepover night since it's Knit Night for Momma.  Grandma will make some popcorn and hot coco and the two of them will snuggle up in their jammies and watch Ella's new Shrek/Donkey Christmas movie.


Diann said...

Sounds like the perfect day! :)

Paula said...

I was quite proud of My Girl!

Khourt said...

Way to do Daddy!! Hope she keeps using both.
Sounds like you guys have been having a fun week.