Monday, December 13, 2010

December 13 -Mary and Joseph

Mary and Joseph made their appearance this morning (not sure why the camera says it was the 12th).  They were going to slowly make their way around the house until their arrival at the Stable.  But as you can see, Ella made their journey much shorter  :)  I don't mind.  It's so sweet to see her playing with the creche people.
Ella and Daddy made a house yesterday.  She was having a hard time not playing with my German Advent house (very old and fragile).  So Ella decided to make her own.  Unfortunately she only coloured two pages of regular paper and then was going to try and make a house.  Sensing the 'melt-down of melt-downs' Daddy came to her rescue and constructed a sturdy cardboard house.  We got out her water paints and she and Daddy had a great time decorating the house. 

I have a request.  Any one out there have any extra Little People Creche people?  What we need is a Joseph/shepherd figure.   For some reason the LP makers didn't include a Joseph, so we use the shepherd but that leaves the sheep untended  :)   I really don't think Mary should appear a single parent.  Ella would love another camel too.

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