Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Whitewater Region

Meet Whitewater Region's newest member of the road crew.  This is Ella and I cleaning up our side road after the grader had been through "fixing" the road.  Instead of bringing in some much-needed gravel, all the township does is have the grader come by and dig up the road surface.  This time the grader turned up more than dirt.  Do you see the size of the rock Ella has?  And that was one of the smaller ones that she could actually lift.  I'm not sure it's good for the cars to be driving over those, let alone the farm equipment or the snow plow.

The road is in even worst shape on the south side of the highway.  I'm actually scared to drive on the south end of Poff Road in the rain.  Even going 50 km the ruts and holes pull the car all over the place.   There is a large hole in front of our neighbours house, the grader just keeps digging it deeper and deeper.  I'd show you a picture, but it's full of water.

We don't use too many WW taxes.  It's not like we have town water or sewage, we have some garbage collection but we still have to go to the dump ourselves (and pay for it).  We don't have street lights, they don't plow our sidewalks, etc, etc, I don't think wanting a bit of fresh gravel on the road or maybe even fixing the road properly is too much to ask.  And considering Poff road seems to be one of the more popular detour routes for Highway 17, you'd think a little extra gravel would be an idea.

I wonder where Whitewater region spends our tax money???

Oh right, I forgot.

We have elections coming up on the 25th and I'd sure be interested in finding out if any one up for elections cares about the roads in Whitewater Region.  I'm fairly sure the current ones don't


Anonymous said...

Hmmm...Sounds a lot like the way our town is managed...The mayor wanted a new pool, so it's being built...Now the town has a deficit and is cutting necessary services like police...Hmmmm...

Paula said...

Does sound like our town. I won't even go into how far over budget the new building went or the fact that the old one functioned fine any time I was there.