Sunday, October 24, 2010

Christmas Countdown -Week One

The Christmas season is fast approaching.   I like to get things done early and actually enjoy Christmas the way it should be, not a mad rush to buy everything 'as seen on tv'.  I found a couple of websites that have made my life so much easier.  I now have a Christmas Journal and a plan.  I'm ready for Christmas without all the stress and bother.   The first site is FlyLady.  She has helped me keep my house clean enough and then I found her Christmas journal and what a help that was.  The other site I found was Organized Christmas.  Between these two I have our Christmas all organized and ready.
Christmas Countdown starts today.  It's 'Get Organized Week' and we're working in the Front Entrance.  Here's the tasks for this week:
  • spend 15 minutes every day to get organized and update journal
  • sweep down front porch
  • wash door window and light fixture
  • put up Christmas lights while the weather is still nice
  • start master gift list -usually done and mostly bought by now
  • update Christmas card list and addresses
  • buy any cards if needed and stamps
  • make holiday travel plans
Actually, here's the first form.  They are  for the Master Gift List and stocking stuffer ideas.  I just make the list as long as necessary.

Gift/ Stocking

Ella socks

 X  yes  G
Little People beach set
 X  Walmart  S
bubble bath
 X  WM  S


Diann said...

That's fantastic! I couldn't get through life without my lists - especially at my age!

Anonymous said...

That's super organized! I keep my lists in my head- Dangerous? Yes! I do have a journal that I jot notes in though... I'm going to do the meal a month thing for the in- laws again, this time though it will be at our house- {now that we don't have dance on Sat. this is a lot easier and less of a rush}. They really liked the new pics, but I was not good at getting one to them each month.

I totally agree with you, now and before now is the time to be thinking about Christmas time!

Paula said...

I wouldn't want to be without my lists either. I get overwhelmed sometimes and it's nice to have a list that I can cross stuff out as I go and have everything broken down into little bits.

Colin's family is getting 'treat a month' again this year. It'll be the third year now and is always a hit.

Paula said...

Oh yeah, I've already got most of my shopping done. I just need to think of things for Ella's stocking. I have no ideas.