Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Summer's Bounty

  The gardens have been doing really well this year.  Most things are early.  Our tomatoes and cucumbers are maturing too early, but that's because we haven't had enough rain.  The tomatoes have been splitting from uneven rain.  I'm going to have to make some tomato sauce to can and use up the extra tomatoes.  We have corn coming out our ears  :)  Colin will likely have corn well into September.  Right now he's supplying our local Freshmart grocery store.  We've had lots of vegetables to sell at our table at the Petawawa Farmers' Market.  They sure make our table look great.

Ella and Daddy were out last night picking the last of the cucumbers.  Daddy has a big box of tomatoes for the farm stand.  Ella is such a help with her little wheelbarrow.

  I love, love, love our new camera.  I took this picture of Ella at her garden.  I'm sitting on the front steps, at least 50 feet away.  The camera has amazing zoom and a really good anti-shake.  It even has a button that takes 30 shots per second.  I should be able to get a good picture of Ella with that!

Ella picked a couple of carrots from her garden.  She brought me a couple of cherry tomatoes too.  Her garden has done really well.  Daddy made sure it was well watered in the spring so that the seeds would come up.  The 'experts' say children will eat vegetables if you let them help grow/prepare them.  I guess these 'experts' never met Ella   :)  I can usually get her to at least take a bit of her vegetables, but she certainly doesn't dive into them and clean her plate.


Khourt said...

Your little Ella is a darling. It looks like she is enjoying gardening.

Anonymous said...

They never met my children either!!! Although our little Emma will try things, the girls had picked some green beans for supper, Emma, snapped them and to our surprise gave one a try! She at that one, but no more. Your tomatoes are beautiful! We still have lots of pretty yellow flowers, one bush has a few tiny green tom's- We are going to have to do a makeshift "greenhouse" over them, going into Sept. 4 plants, beautiful organic/heritage tomatoes - I want their bounty!!!!

Paula said...

thanks Khourt, Ella's wonderful. She really does love her garden. Daddy gave her one whole ring and we planted a variety of veggies. She's always amazed when we check out 'her garden'. Now if only she'd eat them :)

Kimberly, did you start your tomatoes by seed? That might be an idea for next year, that way they will be further along than the garden centre ones.