Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bits and Pieces

A few of the blogs I've been reading have been doing a 'Wandering Wednesday'.  I wasn't going to participate but found this picture from Ella on the camera.   It may be a day late, but it's Ella's toes with her favourite toy.  Right now she mostly plays it and tells me she's putting songs on her ipod  :)  I never know what I'll find on the camera after Ella borrows it to take pictures.  I also found an Ella self-portrait.

We have some new kitties in the barn.  Well, they are being kept in the office right now because some of them are rather small.  This is Sunny, he's about 12 weeks old.  We just got him the other day and am letting him get used to being here.
This is Smokey and Tiger, I'm not sure what Colin's friend was thinking.  They are so small -and we've had them 2 weeks already.  They will have to stay in the office for a while yet.  They are smaller than the rats!!  They are very affectionate and will sit in my arms purring.   If I didn't already have 2 cats in the house and if they weren't male, I'd be tempted to bring them in the house.  This is the third kitten 'Stripey', I think it's a female but very shy.

Ella loves coming out and lovin' the cats too.  She's a little nervous about picking them up but once she's got them she's happy.  Smokey loves to be held and doesn't care who's doing it!

Colin's incision has nearly completely healed.  He's back to work full-time (well over-time if you count picking tens of dozen of corn daily).  I can't believe how it's healed.  Especially when you consider is was a good 1 1/2 inches deep and 3 or so wide.  He wants to get back to doing his core exercises to keep his back from getting sore, though things are still a little tender depending on how he moves.  I thank God for taking care of Colin, I was so frightened when we were at the hospital and worried he wouldn't take enough time off and would do more harm to himself. 

Speaking of corn.  Colin is into the second type of corn he planted now.  And boy, it is delicious.  I forget how good fresh sweet corn tastes!  These are nice big cobs too.  Our customers will be well pleased with these.


Lindsey said...

Does Colin know there are pics of his belly button on the internet?

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