Thursday, July 1, 2010

So Tired

Sigh, I am so tired.  Ella just doesn't sleep well when she's sick, especially when she has a cough.  Her coughs are so chokey I'm afraid she's going to make herself sick (it's happened before).  I haven't slept a full night since Monday.

Last night we had multiple night terror episodes.  At the first one, I made the mistake of trying to wake Ella.  I just can't listen to the heartbreaking screams.  Well, it took me nearly half an hour to wake Ella, and even then I'm not sure she was fully awake.  I had to bring her downstairs with Daddy and I for about another half hour to calm her so she could go back to bed.  Ella asked if I would sleep with her last night.  I said 'yes' hoping it would buy me a whole night's sleep.  Everything went well, she snuggled right in and went back to sleep.  Around 2:30 am Ella sat bolt upright and started screaming like someone was killing her.  I reached out to comfort her and was kicked!  I couldn't do a thing to comfort Ella and I knew better than try and wake her again.  Daddy eventually came in, he thought I was somehow sleeping through the screaming.  He laid his hand on Ella and that actually helped calm her.  Ella drifted off to sleep but started crying again a number of times.  Around 3 she gave a big cough and that woke her right up.  Ella looked at me and said 'hi Momma' and had no recollection of what had happened.  Then, as usually happens when she wakes so fully, Ella chatted for nearly an hour before going back to sleep.

Momma needs some sleep.

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Niki said...

Hoping you get a full night's sleep tonight! :)