Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Our egg incubation is slow going.  We won't see anything for 21 days.  But Colin did candle all the eggs the hens were sitting on in the barn and not one was showing any signs of developing.  So he has cleaned out the chicken coop and hopefully the chickens will start laying again.  We will bring in all the eggs to either the fridge or the incubator.  I actually found an article online that says Chantecler are notoriously bad brooders.  The hens will be fine once the eggs hatch but apparently they get 'distracted' easily and can't be counted on to sit on the eggs. 

Our other frustration is over Colin's care.   The surgeon is unfamiliar with the new packing they use in Pembroke.  So when he looked at Colin's wound, for all of 2 seconds, he says it's still goopy.  It's not really, that just how the packing is supposed to look, which is why the nurses clean the wound out first then look.  Then the doctor says 'I'm on holiday come back in 2 weeks'.  By that time Colin's wound will be nearly closed.  He heals so quickly.  It's just going to keep him inactive longer.  Which is frustrating for all of us  :)

The good thing is that Colin's wound looks really good.  It isn't the 'bad' pink and is really healing well.

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