Tuesday, March 2, 2010

itunes Fun and Facebook Friends

I've been doing a bit of shopping at the itunes store, my ipod needed some new tunes for cleaning and baking.  I actually found the original Snoopy vs. the Red Baron as well as some of Colin's country favourites.  I listen to such an ecclectic mixture of music, I found a bunch of stuff from my childhood (think 70's pop/country).  Anyway, I was kidding my friend on Facebook about the Snoopy song when she posted back this link. It's a youtube video for Snoopy's Christmas!!  Ella really enjoyed it.  I've got the Snoopy's Christmas album (by Toronto band Quiet Jungle) and it was turned into a CD a few years ago for me, therefore Ella know's it well.


legendswife said...

I love blast from the past music, clothes...this list could go on. I especially like listening to music cleaning too!

God Bless

Paula said...

I think Great Big Sea is about the only "new" band that I listen too (though they aren't that new anymore-haha). I love 70's music. I just have to remember not to download the sad songs, Colin just doesn't get it when he comes in and finds me in tears from 'just a song' :)