Thursday, February 25, 2010

Socks and more socks

I love knitting socks.  And I certainly love knitting them 2 at a time.  Sure beats having to start over after finishing the first one.  I use 2 circular needles, not the magic loop method.  It's a little awkward at first, but it's just because it's new.  Persevere and you have a great method for anything circular and in pairs.  I make sleeves this way and Ella's tights.  Tights are a great way to use up my bits and pieces left from other socks.  I think there are 4 different kinds in this pair.  They are great for skating and cool days.   I've even given in and started a pair of socks for Daddy.  It's out of fairly thick wool (for me anyway) and since they are two at a time, his size 11's aren't taking too long to make.  I have a pattern for a beautiful pair of stocking for me to make next (I hope).  I picked up some gorgeous blue/black alpaca when we were in Bowmanville.  Tina has so much wool it's hard to pick.  I love all the patterned sock wool Tina carries, but decided a solid wool would show off the pattern in the stockings.

Did I mention how much I love to knit socks  :)  Do you feel like I'm trying to convert you too  :)

As you can see, my chickens continue to lay well.  These are from the last few days.  All washed and ready to carton.  The larger, white eggs are likely double yolks.  We get quite a few of those.  The little tiny ones are from the Banty hens.  Ella loves to have those ones, they are perfect kid size.  My girlfriends from Knit Night like to buy them for hard boiled for their kids too.  I'm likely not going to Knit Night tonight.  We have been getting a fairly good snow fall all day.  If I do go it will be with Daddy's truck and not Grandma's cavalier.  You've seen this view before so you may remember that pipe is attached to our old water heater that's now buried  :)


Anonymous said...

That looks complicated! I agree though that it would be nice to get both done at the same time, it's probably easier to get the sizing the same on them too. Although I haven't attempted socks yet, I would like too. The thing holding me back is that my family gets holes so quick, I would hate to have all that hard work become holy so quickly. Oh, the circular link isn't working.

Paula said...

It's not that complicated once you try. You just put the heel half of both socks on one needle and the instep on the other. You are kind of working rows and rounds -if that helps you picture it. Give socks a try for around the house -no shoes. They are good for keeping toes warm. That and I find the real wool lasts longer than store bought -and they aren't itchy any more.

I re-did the link, hope it works.

Anonymous said...

I'll check the library for that book. Oh, the link is still weird, I deleted some of the first stuff and then it worked. That is a pretty good snow, I definately become a homebody in weather such as that, and would probably say, Knit Night is at home tonight. One of our friends has chickens for eggs, it would be helpful to me if you did a post about growing/using your own eggs. Theirs often have the blood spots, do yours? and do you use them? We're trained not to with store bought, but are home grown different? do you date your eggs? those types of questions.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to the Canadian Ladies Hockey team and their Gold medal win!!

Paula said...

Thanks, it was a good game (as far as hockey goes-ha ha). Too bad there was so much trash talk between the countries. I guess it's not like the men's teams that play with each other all the time in the NHL.