Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Busy Weekend

Everyone out there in Blogland must be having a busy week too.  Things seem rather quiet.  We're just back from Renfrewlicious.  I'm not sure what to say.  We only broke even, sales of pork balanced against the fee and cost of donation 'samples'.  But like Colin says, it was good advertising, less than the paper and better effect.  Also it was a fundraiser for the Bonnechere Manor Foundation.  We connected with a lot of people who didn't know we existed.  It was exhausting but good.

Sunday was good.  We had a great time at the potluck after church.  There were no sleigh rides, the fellow who usually does it got hurt and his son was home nursing his family through the flu.  It was a beautiful day and not bitterly cold for the first time in 7 years.  Ella had a blast playing with the other little girls.  There were 5 of them, from my Ella at 4 up to about 7.  The boys of the house are into snowboarding, so they have a goodly sized hill made just outside the house.  Unfortunately they also have jumps built in.  The girls went sledding, but it was rather nerve-wracking for Momma.  But Daddy stood at the bottom of the hill and grabbed our girl before she was launched into space  :)  I have a real speed demon on my hands.  Ella was the only one to use the plastic sleds, the others were too frightened.  She screamed the whole way down and couldn't wait to get back to the top of the hill and go again.

Sunday evening we had a birthday party with the in-laws.  Colin's sister's birthday was on Saturday, so it was a joint party.  I brought my turtle bar cake, as requested by Ella.  My mother-in-law supplied everything else -very helpful with the weekend we've been having.  Ella received lovely gifts and had a good time playing with Brittany and Jared.  Ella was so excited today.  I was glad she was going home with Grandma for a sleep-over   :)

Monday was a very depressing day.  It was the annual general meeting for 3 counties' pork producers.  Usually these meetings aren't too bad.  We get together at a nice restaurant (paid by group funds) and have a good time visiting and talking and doing a little business.  It was shocking to see the sad faces and hear the lack of conversation.  One of Colin's friends admitted to Colin that he doesn't get out to the barn until 10-12 o'clock every day.  This from the man who has always been out there by 6 AM!!  I'm really surprised there aren't more pork producers killing themselves.  I'm just glad Colin has ideas and plans and hope.

Yesterday was the Board meeting for the Ottawa Valley Food Co-op.  I brought challah and brownies, I always bring lots because we are never sure what kind of odd dishes the others might bring :)  Colin was able to come along.  It went better than expected -and that's all I'm saying.  Good thing is, Colin took me out for supper last night since the meeting always runs late.

Today my Princess is finally home.  I've been enjoying having a whole night's sleep, but I am so glad to have Ella home.  The house just isn't the same without her.

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