Monday, December 7, 2009


We had a lovely, busy day yesterday. First of all, we headed to Ottawa and went to Mass at St. Barnabas. It is such a nice church and great people. Even though we only get there a couple times a year, they always remember us. The service is nearly the same as the one at St. Mary Magdalene, my church from Toronto. The choir was wonderful. A good choir is always a beautiful addition to the service.

Ella was very good during the service. She starts to get a little fidgety after about an hour, but there is enough going on that she doesn't get too out of hand. We're going to try and go down again next week. The Sunday School is doing there Christmas pageant and I think Ella would really enjoy that.

We headed over to the Bayshore shopping centre and had a nice visit with Santa. This is the same lovely man who Ella has seen every year. He's great with the kids. This year the kids got a big snowman pillow, last year they got fleece blankets (baby blanket size). At first, Ella seemed like she was going to be shy and not sit with him! But then she climbed up and gave us goofy faces :)


Anonymous said...

That's a great Santa and neat gifts he gives. I didn't post our Santa photo, because it's rather cold. The Santa is great, real beard and all - but he doesn't dress in the red coat and hat - a long time ago we asked him why he didn't wear the coat - He said, "That's my coat, and when you go inside don't you take off your coat?!" He was right. The cold part is that the set looks like a grey stone fireplace, I like the warmth of the red!

Paula said...

The mall is great. They don't even care if you buy a picture or not. You are welcome to bring your own camera.