Monday, December 28, 2009

Menu Plan Monday -28 December 09

We've had a lovely Christmas holiday so far.  For us, the Christmas season isn't over until Epiphany on January 6th.  Ella's getting a little snuffly and her cough is coming back.  After New Year's I'll have to talk to the RNP and see if we should get the x-ray (as she suggested before Christmas).  Things are fairly quiet this week.  May do some baking, I got some new cookbooks:  Heirloom Baking  and Food and Cooking of Russia  and Mastering the Art of French Cooking.  Have you seen Julie and Julia?  It's a great movie, I hope to find it on sale tomorrow.

hot dogs

bacon and eggs -my chickens are doing so well, I've got eggs stacking up in the fridge.  I need to find some new recipes that use lots of eggs.

grocery day

stuffed chicken and roast potatoes


quiche -potatoes, chives, cheese and ham 

Thursday:    New Year's Eve


beef fajitas -a new freezer recipe  update -my sweet husband took us out for supper to the local restaurant who we supply with bacon.  I have a very yummy chicken souvlaki and Colin had a herb-crusted half chicken -yum!

Friday:        New Year's Day
leftovers from last night and pb & h for anyone else  :)

beef bourguignon - we're having our parent's over, Colin's sister is working for friends so their family can't come.  This is a new recipe so I hope it's as yummy as it looks.  update:  Colin's sister is able to come after all!!  and now I have the rest of the menu planned:
garlic bread
Christmas cookies 


buttermilk chicken thighs and garlic Parmesan bread sticks -also another new freezer meal  

French toast

leftover bourguignon 

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Niki said...

Are you doing the boeuf Bourginon from the julia child cookbook???? Please let me know how it turns out if you are!!! I saw the movie in the theatre and then again this past week on dvd with Jenny. I wish the whole movie had been about Julia Child (love Meryl Streep) but it was very good anyway. Yummy menu :)

Paula said...

I just bought the movie for myself as a belated Christmas present. I saw it with Mom at the theatre and loved it. No, the beef is from my Harrowsmith magazine. It looks so yummy. I'll have to work up to Julia :)

Anonymous said...

Ah, I'm waiting for our turn from the library - we are way down the list...Might have to go buy a copy... I didn't get to see it in the theatre.

Paula said...

I think you'd really like it Kimberly, Nicole too. It's rather romantic, but tasteful. Meryl Streep is fabulous.

Anonymous said...

We'll probably end up buying it before our library turn comes up! Maybe this weekend even.

Anonymous said...

After this post, we sent Leif out to buy it for us. Believe it or not he found one store that had two copies! They held one for him, Nicole and I had a movie-in this afternoon; what a delightful little film! We both felt like cooking something - it was time for supper, I made the planned pizza, I felt joy in cooking tonight. I've also put the Joy of Cooking on hold at the library. I'm working on a fun little post about my menu planning, relating to the movie in the next day or so...

Paula said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the movie. I "made" Colin watch it last night and he really enjoyed it too. I thought it was really sweet to see the loving relationship Julia and Paul had. Makes me think of Colin and I :)