Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Little People Creche

We got out Ella's Little People Creche the other day.  She loves to play with them, especially with 'Baby Jesus'.  I have no problem letting Ella pretend about Santa too.  I grew up with both and am able to realize who's real and who isn't.  I must admit, Santa only brings one present, and it's not the best one either -Momma and Daddy get that pleasure.  It's so sweet to watch Ella playing with her nativity set and to hear her trying to sing Silent Night along with the angel.


Anonymous said...

That's funny about the shepherd/Joseph guy! I never thought of him as a shepherd, we've always just put him in the joseph spot!!

Paula said...

I assumed he's supposed to be a shepherd, otherwise there are none. He usually sits in the Joseph spot anyways.

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

We have two play nativity sets and this is one of them. I love letting the kids have one to play with. I've always been the same about Santa. Before I ever had kids I heard a well known radio minister say something about his father (also a pastor) always playing up Santa, and yet he grew up to know the difference, and I realized I'd grown up that way too.
I'm glad your daughter is doing better.

ana said...

love you blog! we have a bunch in common ! including "lil people" LOL
have a wonderful new year blessings