Sunday, December 27, 2009

Home Again

We're home safe and sound after a few busy, fun-filled days.  The drive was ok, I'm certainly glad my wonderful husband was driving -I feel so safe in his hands.  It was rain/snow most of the way home, but not too bad.  The weather really took a turn between Bancroft and Denbigh, but I was asleep so that was ok too  :)  But boy, you can draw a line on the highway the moment you reach Renfrew County!!!  The roads here are a mess!  They look like they haven't been touched in days. 

We made it home by 6:30, really good time considering the conditions.  We were starving because all the restaurants were closed.  I forgot about it being a kind of holiday, so everywhere closed early.  We didn't have much in the house because I wasn't planning on making supper -everything's frozen.  Grandma took Ella home and I found some perishky in the freezer for Daddy and me. 

I'm making some dinner rolls for the Fletcher Christmas this afternoon and waiting for Ella and Grandma to come home.  Then we'll have fun and open our presents!  Only Santa came to Scarborough so there is quite a pile here still.  I can't wait, I really think I picked some good presents this year.


Kimberly said...

Glad that your days away were safe. Our Christmas was a fiasco - not with Hubby's parents,they were great, nope it was my stinky family! I'm not sure were to post my thoughts but I've got to get them onto "paper" so I can move on.. Only Hubby and Nicole are going to church today, the rest of us all have the cold. Have a great time completing the celebration of the birth of the King!

Paula said...

Sorry to hear your Christmas had "issues". Email me if you want to talk about it. Hope you all are feeling better. I think Ella's coming down with another cold (Daddy's) and I'm not sure I'm feeling that great today either.