Monday, November 23, 2009

Menu Plan Monday -23 November 09

I'm actually not here. We aren't back until tomorrow, but you gotta love 'scheduled posts' :) A lot of the recipes this week come from Deceptively Delicious. I found it at the library where we have Knit Night. Hopefully the recipes will go over well with the family. I will likely be the hardest one to please since I know the 'weird' foods that are hidden in there.

heading to Bowmanville today. Thinking of stopping by Auntie Belinda's office depending on time and moods. We'll stay at Petra's as usual.

home sometime


crescent dogs

chicken cacciatore

wieners and beans after skating

chicken nuggets from the new book

calzones from the freezer

pasta with bolognes sauce from the new book

creamy potato soup -new book

BBQ meatballs

mac & cheese and perogies

chili -remade from the new book

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Mommy, I'm Home said...

I'll be interested to see what you think of that cookbook. I keep meaning to try it, but I'm convinced my daughter would know exactly what veggie I tried to sneak into her chicken nuggets...:)

Anonymous said...

I tried being a "deceptive" cook, didn't work - I have super detective children! They are a little easier now, instead of completely not eating something, they'll just pick through it - Improvement????

Paula said...

Kimberly, I would definitely call that an improvement. I keep trying to teach Ella to just move stuff to the side if she doesn't like it.

I'm not sure the cookbook is going to work. I may be the toughest judge since I know what's in there that 'shouldn't' be :)