Monday, October 5, 2009

Weekend Visitor

As most of you know, we have an old farmhouse. It still has the old summer kitchen, junk room and wood shed attached (see here). Saturday night Colin headed out to do a final check through the barn before closing up and shutting off the lights. Well, he came crashing back through the kitchen door (somehow not waking Ella). There was a skunk in the summer kitchen and he nearly walked into it! Colin went out through the back door in the cellar and checked on the pigs. When he came back, he couldn't find the skunk but wasn't sure whether it had gone out. Note: non-farm animal lovers stop reading here, we sometimes have to do things we'd rather not Colin closed up the junk room and summer kitchen then put out a dish of fly bait to get rid of Mr. Stinky. Sunday morning Colin found the garbage all tore apart. By Sunday evening we were rid of the pest. Skunks have been so bad this year. I don't know why. Usually we have a live and let live relationship with them, but they have been so numerous and so close to the house, we've had to 'take steps'.


Anonymous said...

God put the squash on our housing hopes, what about your re-do project, what ever happened with that?

Paula said...

Our housing hopes have become -I hope we still have a house! Well not quite that bad, Dad has the farms nearly completely paid for (we have enough retirement money if we had too) and would never evict us. It's more a matter of what the 2 families will live on and use to pay bills. Things are a little grim right now.