Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I don't know if it shows in this photo, but the rainbow is actually ending (or starting) in our soybean field. You could see the colours coming down in front of the trees. We sure could use a positive sign like that around here these days. Things are very stressful, I don't even ask any more. Colin doesn't know what to do. The government (who gave millions to the car companies) is just throwing the hog industry (and agriculture as a whole) under the bus. Basically, they have offered two options: a) go even further into debt, or b) get out. Neither of which are very helpful for our situation. Ideally, Colin would like to reduce the herd to supply the local market only (i.e., no shipping to Mapleleaf or Olymel). But this would require finding another income source to supplement. He actually has some ideas for this. Colin wants to get a seed cleaner and go into the seed cleaning business (so farmers can keep their own seeds or improve what they are selling). Here's an example of one, not exactly what he's looking at, but gives you an idea.

Now the only problem is how do we continue to pay the bills until the price turns around (which it will have to eventually) and Colin get's his cleaning business off the ground.

Colin has actually taken a job at the local abattoir two days a week. Did I mention that pork production is a full time job (not like beef or dairy)? Did I also mention that we have hundreds of acres of soybeans and corn that need combined (if it ever stops raining)? I don't know how he's going to do it all without having a breakdown. I know it sure helps that Dad is so willing to help out. He's even offered to run the grain cleaner if Colin get's too busy.


Niki RuralWritings said...

keeping you all in prayer....we know it's very tough for pork producers right now...the seed cleaning sounds very interesting though. I am a seed saver and very in favour of keeping the big guys from controlling our food supply.

Hugs and blessings to you Paula
Remember Who is in charge.....

Kimberly said...

I will keep yon in the prayers, soon somebody needs to realize that food doesn't grow on the grocery shelf all by itself!

Paula said...

Thank you, Heaven knows I'm sending lots of prayers too.

The seed cleaner should be a great idea. Even for our own use. Colin uses "bin run" soybean seeds to help keep down costs. The cleaner could (potentially) clean up the fusarium that is in everyone's wheat this year and get a higher grade (and price). He's done some asking around and there seem to be lots of people interested. Talking to the cleaner company it seems that most people start out like Colin (self and neighbours) and end up with more work than they can handle (please God). And, worse comes to worse, grain cleaners have amazing re-sale possibilities. Used cleaners don't stay on the market for long.

We just need to find a way to hang on for the next 6-12 months. The prices seem to be moving up. Enough farms are going to go under, the prices have to come up just because of lack of product. If we can expand our local market and hang on till then ...

God has always taken good care of us, I know He will now. It's just hard sometimes when you feel the world is against us. It's nice to feel we're not alone. I love my internet friends.

Vera said...

When I'm having a difficult time i place my worries in the box for god, and let God take care of my worries, in the mean time i concentrate on all the good thing in live.
I sounds kind of simple...but is really works...when you concentrate on the good, good things will happen

best of luck Paula