Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Menu Plan Monday -21 September 09

Wow, we're at the 21st of September already! We did pretty well last week sticking to the menu. We've all got a head cold (thanks to the hospital tests!). We're feeling better now and hopefully will be able to catch up on cleaning and baking.

cowboy casserole

steak and rice -Ella's first night at dance class

grocery day

stuffed chicken and German potato salad

pizza or calzones -depending on my time

potato pork goulash -new recipe -yummy

ultra sound and CT scan, over the lunch hour so who knows what/when we will be eating

Roast chicken -350F for 25 min/lb (unstuffed) till thermometer says it's done.


leftover goulash

This weekend is the annual Rural Ramble in Renfrew County. We'll be at the OVFC site with our pork and pumpkins. Who knows what we will be eating this weekend.

leftover chicken

more Ramble

hopefully supper out, because it is an exhausting weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Dance class!! That's pretty fun! Fairs, and more fairs seems to be a theme in the farm community - The one coming up sounds like a great way to get city folk out of the city for a while, I'll be praying for your tests.

Paula said...

She had a great time. I'll post soon. Ramble is kind of fun. A lot of work though. Please pray hard, I'm worried :]