Monday, June 15, 2009

Menu Plan Monday -June 15

We have a busy couple weeks coming up. I also need to get this week's bread baked as well as some cookies/cake for Daddy.

Monday: Fettuccine Alfredo -sauce from a packet because only Ella and Daddy like it. I had a salad

Sweet and sour chicken balls (frozen), fried rice and vegetables

Tuesday: grocery day so Daddy has his favourite peanut butter and honey sandwich -he would live on these if he could -Ella and I get lunch out

chicken souvlaki (store made & on sale), roast garlic potatoes, salad

Wednesday: lunch meat sandwiches and chips

honey pork chops

Thursday: spaghetti -something quick that Ella will eat because she has to go to the child health clinic after lunch


Friday: hot dogs and chips

venison chop/steak in the crock pot -a treat from my Uncle

Saturday: leftover hamburgers -delivery day for OVFC. I'm actually being interviewed by Jennifer Maddigan from A-Channel Ottawa, should prove interesting ;)

bacon and eggs -I know we had this last week, but it went over really well

Sunday: french fries -another meal that Daddy would live on. He actually likes mine better
than the ones from "The Chip Pit" -high praise indeed :) Easily made, peel and slice potatoes, soak in cold water. Drain and deep fry.

balsamic pork tenderloin -Father's day treat for Daddy, may even invite Grandma
and Grandpa over.

I'll try to get the recipes posted soon.

And, just for the people who think I deprive Ella of a "real" childhood because she wears dresses:

She loves to play in her sandbox.


Anonymous said...

Very fancy bonnet on that little doll!!! Of course little girls can get just as dirty in a dress and they can in shorts! Since she is used to dresses, she know no difference - we had a turtle sandbox forever! Nicole got it when she was 2, four more children later and a move, his poor lid cracked! Now we have "crabby" my children still love playing in the sand.

My menu this week, I needed easy meals this week so I'm going with prepared foods a few of the days Mon. bacon cheddar burgers/frzn fries; Tues. Frzn pizza; Wed- boxed Mac n Cheese. Thurs. tortellini & italian sausage soup (new recipe from "the farm chicks, in the kitchen); toasted turkey melt (same cookbook) and salad. Fri. & Sat. undecided (dance recital stuff at dinner time, ugh!) Sunday: father's day bbq burgers, hot dogs, warm pasta tossed with butter,parmessian (sp) and italian herbs.

Paula said...

I was very pleased with how the bonnet turned out. I did the whole thing myself, I usually need mom's help to sew it together -not sure why, I just sort of have a brain cramp when it comes to bonnets :)

Your menu sounds good for this week. Don't you hate when people schedule stuff for supper time??

I was thinking of offering the bonnets for sale on OVF. I'm thinking $30, extra for lace. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Oh I think that is a grand idea! Any place you can think to gain a little extra income is a good thing!

Yes, I do not like it when events are scheduled at supper time! That's definately a problem here in the city, no time is sacred! I'll probably be packing simple sanwiches, fresh fruit and chips (what do you call potato chips, up north? I've forgotten!!)

I'm going to go knit for a while, I just got more cotton yarn, to make dish clothes to sell - I just need to get the word out (locally). Your fortunate to be a part of the co-op, which gives you a forum for selling goods.

I just saw your comment regarding idle hands during meetings, I am exactly the same way!!! I bring my dish cloth knitting everywhere, it's something I don't have to concentrate on and it packs small! I was just noticing today that I'm pretty sure the children will make it through the summer with the wardrobes they have, I am ready for a smocking project though, I'm thinking something autumn-ish or Christmas-y for the girls or maybe just a pinafore for each or something - my brain is on project crazy mode, we had our last day of school today! I have 11 weeks for fun stuff!!!!

Paula said...

That was the one great thing about working downtown Toronto. I had a 1 1/2 hour train/bus trip (each way) and was able to get lots of handwork done.