Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Girl

Ella's dental check-up at the Health Clinic went well. There are no problems. Her occasional "ow" when brushing is just her brushing too hard. We couldn't get her hearing checked though. They don't do that over 6 weeks. Now I have to try and go through our RNP. I'm confused about Ella's hearing. She seems to hear when I call (it's selective, but that's normal). When she goes to bed I turn on her stereo, I can hear her music but she says she can't. She also seems to have trouble with volume control some days, I want to make sure she can hear properly before I punish her too much for being too loud.

Yesterday, after her nap, we had a tea party in the living room. I hate sun and bugs, so we stayed in :) I made jam filled tea biscuits and we had ginger ale "tea". I don't believe in giving small children real tea. Ella and Grandma and I had a really nice afternoon.

She was so happy that I had made a special treat for her tea party. I love to do special things for my girl. She won't be this little forever. Another reason to home school. I don't want to lose any precious time with my princess.

OVFC delivery day went well. The A-channel reporter was really nice and truly seems interested in the plight of local farmers and keeping local food available.


Dawn said...

Your daughter is so precious. And you're right, she won't be little forever...

Time just goes by too quickly for me, especially as another birthday is soon approaching...


Paula said...

Thanks and welcome Dawn! I can't believe how adorable she is :)

Funny, I've read your blog from time to time. Around when you moved from Germany. I was just getting into blogs so I had no way to save your location.

Aren't those kittens cute. If you decide to keep one, keep the dark tri-coloured one, they are always females -no chance of picking wrong. I've always found female cats the best for in house. We've got a barn full, it's hard to stay limited to the two I have inside.

My b-day was in May, 38 felt so old. I have a feeling 39&40 are going to be even worse :p