Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Busy Day on the Farm

Here's the most recent picture I could find of the farm. It's not quite right, but gives you and idea. The garden by the train tracks is not there, and the other garden is only half that size. That's about where Colin's greenhouse sits. Our pool is by the house. And the old red milk house beside the pool is around back of the big barn and used for hay/straw storage. Besides that, it's a fairly accurate picture. Our house is peaking out from behind the trees. We are lucky, the side road ends at our driveway. Makes giving directions easy and Colin doesn't have to blow out that much snow since the county plows the side road.

The guys are having a great week so far. Dad was busy planting corn yesterday and Colin was fertilizing the other corn ground. Colin also has a start on the sweet corn. He spreads out planting so we can have corn available all summer. They are so busy today, Colin doesn't even know when he's coming in for lunch/dinner. It's usually supper that he's late for, it was nearly 8 when he got in last night.

I've got a busy day too. Still more laundry to catch up on. And I've got to give the house a top to bottom thorough clean. My dad and step mom are coming up this weekend! Dad will want a tour and will be sure to see any dirt, so I have to make sure all the cobwebs are gone. Should be an interesting weekend.

Belinda and Stefan are coming back up this weekend. The brake line on their minivan broke and they had to leave it here to get fixed. Too bad they won't be here for supper on Sunday, it's always good to have people around to be a buffer with dad, though he will still be on his best behavior. I hope it's a good weekend.

Better get to work. We were having a slow morning and a certain little person is still in her jammies.
PS -I forgot to mention that the trilliums are out in the woods and I have a few tulips open and lots of violets. Spring is here!

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