Saturday, April 18, 2009

My Coverings

This is my everyday, work in the garden, out and about hat. It fits well over most of my coverings which is handy when I need to throw on a hat (walking for the mail, etc). With a nice big hat pin, I'm ready for any weather.

This is one of my church hats. I have a nice black felt one, much the same style, for winter. Again, stick in a hat pin and you are all set. No worries about the wind.

This is my go-to, everyday covering. It used to be sold by Prayer It's been discontinued but Bayley, the owner, was kind enough to send me a copy of the pattern so I can contine to make them. It's basically a triangle scarf, but it has two darts in the back that take away the "fly-away" nature of a triangle scarf. I think it's very nice and always looks good. I use a clipie on each side and it doesn't go anywhere all day, I never have to think about it slipping. I plan on making a black lace one for wearing to church/somewhere fancy for when I don't wear a hat. This style looks good with my hair up or down or any where in between. Check out Prayer Coverings, they have many different styles. I could spend a lot of money there :)

Please forgive this picture, I've told you I'm terrible with a camera. Go to the Garlands of Grace site and see much better pictures. This is the Cecily It looks really nice with my hair down, but also works with my usual braids. Garlands of Grace have so many beautiful styles and fabrics, it's hard to choose.

This one is from Garlands of Grace as well. I'm almost wishing I had bought an off-white coloured one because it is so white. I haven't had a chance to wear it yet. Once I get out my white based summer dresses I'll get the chance. It's a snood, which is different for me. I think they are beautiful.

This last one is left from my Society for Creative Anachronism days. It was going to be a caul for wearing with my German 16th century garb. I never got around to making it into a caul, so I just wear it as a triangle scarf. If I have my hair up, I often catch the point in the tie, which makes a neater look (though it looks lumpy in the picture). I don't wear this often. Usually depends on where I'm going. It really suited when I wore it to the Polish festival in Wilno last May. Helped me blend in and look less German -haha.

As you can see, I wear a variety of coverings. I like variety. I guess it proves that, though I may be conservative in nature, I'm definitely not Plain. I like the heart-shaped Amish style prayer cap, but that's too tied with a specific group. I don't want to confuse people.


Anonymous said...

Lovely self protraits :) So I went out in public on this first day with a covering - it wasn't bad at all, I just have even forgotten that it was there, I could sense a few looks, my hubby just keeps smiling at me!

Paula said...

Thanks. I hate having my picture taken. Luckily, my vanity has 3 mirrors so I was able to take the pictures without the camera showing.

See, hubby's like when we cover. I really don't think we have to wear covering's that stand out and scream "covering". There's nothing wrong with cute and pretty. God made us in His image, there's no reason we should make ourselves look dowdy or unattractive (to our hubby's).