Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Little Bit of Everything

We're busy here these days. Colin is starting to get to the field work. Still waiting for some wet spots to dry a bit more. I'll post a "cropping" post a little later. I may actually disappear offline for a while. Our computer may be/likely is dying, so I'll have to wait till my BIL comes up on the weekend and take him computer shopping. He's the "computer geek" of the family and is always willing to help.
We had a wonderful Sunday. We have found a local company (well local as far as Renfrew County is concerned) that builds modular homes. We visited the factory and actually planned our addition. Now we are just waiting for financing. The company is called Guildcrest. This is what the floor plan looks like (mostly)

Then this Swine Flu nonsense starts. Now everything is on hold and we're hoping we can continue to feed ourselves and keep the house we've got. I wish the media would calm down and find something else to worry about. I also wish they would call it the Mexican Flu or something. It is a mix of bird/swine/people influenza!!!! This is why pigs are kept in barns!!! The loose pigs in Mexico caught the flu from migratory birds which then mutated with the human version. I really wish people would remember that people die every year from the flu (not that I'm saying it's ok, I'm just saying lets not panic). It's something like 4000 every year in Canada.

I'd really like to know how they are "confirming" these cases of Swine Flu. Blood work just turns it up as Influenza A -regular human flu. I have to wonder how many of these cases (esp. non-Mexican) are just plain flu?

Seems to me that the media were disappointed they didn't cause a North American depression -they sure seemed to be trying at Christmas -and have moved onto the next thing to cause a panic about. They aren't telling people that it is perfectly safe to continue to eat pork! They seem to forget to tell people that hand washing goes a long way for protection. And the big one is -if you are sick STAY HOME! I get so tired of seeing sick people out everywhere, especially church -especially if they are before me at Communion!

So please everyone, keep eating pork. Especially from your local pork producer. It's safe and healthy and good for you too :)

On a happier note, yesterday was my Mom's 61st birthday. She spent the day with us. We got her a folding Muskoka chair with a footrest. Very comfy.

UPDATE: if the reporters had of waited for testing to come back before 'naming' this new flu, they would have discovered that the pigs in Mexico NEVER HAD H1N1! 


Anonymous said...

I thought you might have something to add....Ugh! Flu is flu and it is gross and annoying no matter what! Nicole's fella, has been back about 2 weeks from Mexico - NO ONE in our group became ill! However, since his return, he has caught the long term cold that Chad, gave to Emmalie, that Emmalie gave to Nicole, that Nicole gave to Dan! It has nothing to do with Mexico! It is a fact that there are good germs and bad germs out there! this is why I don't even check the news anymore! It's just these hyped up stories!
Ella and your Momma look very happy together, we will keep praying for the addition, so that she can move in - love the smocked neck on Ella's dress too!

Paula said...

I know what you mean about the never ending cold. Colin is on his third version of it. I just hope Ella stays well this time, I'm getting used to her sleeping all night :)

I wish we could turn the news off. At least the pork prices can't crash, there is a limit per day that it can go down.

Thanks for the compliment. I love to make bishop styles for Ella, they last forever if I put on a good hem. They are a very fogiving fit for the tall and skinny (not that I would know -haha) That is my favourite picture of Ella and my mom, it's so hard to get her to smile for pictures. I'm always having to tell her to "look happy" -of course she is, she just doesn't like having her picture taken.

Niki RuralWritings said...

I just spent some time browsing Guildcrests floor plans, we're not building, I was just looking :)

Hopefully all the flu business will die down quickly.

Have a great day

Paula said...

If you ever do think of building I highly recommend Guildcrest. They will customize the homes and build to a very high standard. The show homes were beautiful. And don't think you have to upgrade to get beautiful. The "standard" choices were enough for me, really nice.

I don't mean to be smart or rude, but what is there to do in your neck of the County? I've never been down that way and am looking for some day trips for the summer. Daddy gets stuck at home, but Ella, Grandma and I can get away from time to time.